Implementation and Web Development

Implementing Webtype

You can implement Webtype in 5 quick steps:

  1. Select the fonts you want to use and add them to your shopping cart.
  2. Pick the service level that will accommodate the monthly traffic to your website.
  3. After purchasing the desired web font subscriptions, go into your account to the Web Font Manager.
  4. In the Web Font Manager you will set up the website, confirm the fonts you want to use, choose options such as subsetting the font character sets to reduce the file size, and then generate a CSS Resource file.
  5. To implement the Web Fonts on your site, simply insert the one line of code we provide into your page template, and then update your font-family tags with your new fonts. 
> Detailed Quick Start Tutorial (with screenshots)

Will using Webtype slow down my site?

Webtype fonts are deployed on the Windows® Azure™ cloud computing services platform, a high performance environment that provides fast, reliable delivery of fonts throughout the world. This system can instantly scale to handle high traffic demands with a 99.95% service level guarantee and has data centers located around the world, guaranteeing quick delivery of fonts to website visitors on every continent.

Why does my text appear to flash in Firefox?

This is called "FOUT" or Flash Of Unstyled Content. Firefox automatically displays a fallback system font while the web font downloads, then repaints the screen with the web fonts. This can cause a flash as the screen refreshes. This only occurs in Firefox, and not in the other browsers (which leave the text area blank while the web fonts download). This will not occur on subsequent pages once the fonts are in the cache.

Can I use Webtype if I hand code my site?

Yes, simply include our code in your site and then you are free to code your site however you like.   

Are all the Webtype fonts legal to use on my site?

Yes, all the Webtype fonts are licensed for use on websites. We have created a web-only License Agreement that was written specifically for this new technology.

Do you offer a self-hosting option?

Yes, we offer a self-hosting option for larger websites. You can order this option in the shopping cart. The fee is calculated based on the size of your site and is designed for websites that desire control of all their assets. If you have a website with more than 12.5 million pageviews/month,  Please contact us for more information for Self-Hosting web fonts.

How do I access additional font weights (i.e. thin, heavy) on my site?

You can change font weights in CSS by using the numeric-values assigned to each weight. 100-900 defines font weights from thin to thick.

Does Webtype support SSL pages?

Yes, we allow web fonts to be viewed on secure web pages, such as those used by companies and e-commerce websites to provide user access to account pages. These pages typically have ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ to designate they are secure pages using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Note: on these pages please use ‘https’ with our CSS resource string on your page to avoid security warnings in the web browser.

Can I set up a development site and transfer the fonts to a live site upon approval?

Yes, you can include multiple URL's when you set up your project, so the fonts can be used on your development site and your live site.

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