Other Font Issues

Font Format Conversions

Is it OK to convert a licensed font from PostScript Type 1 to TrueType or OpenType? This question is asked quite often.

For commercial fonts the answer is “it depends upon the End User License Agreement which you agreed to when you licensed the fonts.” Some font vendors permit modifications to fonts, and some do not. It is best to contact the font vendor or font owner before converting a font from one format to another to make sure that it is not a violation of the EULA.

Bitmap Fonts

Can I convert my fonts to bitmap format? Much like the question above, many commercial fonts cannot be modified so it is best to consult the font vendor or font owner. Further, it is a violation of most font software EULAs to distribute fonts which have been modified. For example you cannot convert one of the Microsoft Windows system fonts into a bitmap format and then redistribute that font.

Please Contact Webtype if you have any questions on font licensing or to discuss your particular font needs.