Shipping Fonts with Applications

Webtype offers a license for using fonts on websites using CSS @font-face. For many of our fonts we also offer a traditional desktop download option for using the fonts on personal computers to assist with design work. 

The standard desktop licenses for almost all commercial fonts only permit fonts to be installed onto personal computers and not onto servers or redistributed with other products. Thus applications, whether web-based, or shipping as standalone products for PCs, Macs, game consoles or other devices, all require an extended use license.

There are a variety of application software technologies and platforms available to developers today. Using fonts in these applications require that the fonts be installed (permanently or temporarily) on the local computer, or in many cases they can be compiled into the application.

Embedding permissions only apply to document embedding, and provide no rights to redistribute fonts with applications, games or devices.

The following is a summary of different application platforms:


A popular client-side web tool is JavaScript. This is a scripting language which is widely supported by almost all web browsers. JavaScript can be used to create web applications that use fonts in dynamic ways.

Adobe Flash™

Flash is used to add multimedia content to web pages, from animations to video, and Flash can also be used to create rich Internet applications. The Adobe Flash Player plug-in is required to view Flash applications in a web browser or on a desktop. Fonts can be compiled into Flash (SWF) files. Before compiling fonts into Flash files please read the font EULA and if in doubt contact the font vendor for advice.

Windows Presentation Foundation™ (WPF)

WPF is Microsoft’s unified presentation subsystem for Windows Vista™ and Windows 7 (it is also available for Windows XP SP2). WPF-based applications can expose the advanced typographic features in OpenType fonts, and use ClearType sub-pixel font rendering to get great results on screen.

Microsoft Silverlight™

Silverlight can be used to create rich Internet applications, similar to Adobe Flash. Silverlight applications can be compiled to include fonts. Contact your font vendor for details on your right to redistribute fonts with Silverlight applications.