Shipping Fonts with Digital Content

An increasing variety of digital content media formats support the inclusion of font files. Redistributing font files can provide rich typographic features and multilingual support that is time consuming to replicate using pre-rendered static bitmapped text. An extended license is typically required to redistribute a commercial font with digital content, regardless of whether the font is in its native TrueType or OpenType format or has been converted into a derivative bitmap or proprietary format outline font.


High definition Blu-ray Discs can include TrueType fonts, typically used to support enhanced features such as subtitles and interactive content.


Developers of games for Xbox, PlayStation and other platforms can utilize derivative bitmap fonts or in some cases scalable TrueType fonts to enhance their content. Fonts provide game developers with a rich palette of creative options to match the personality and genre of the title.

eBooks & Publications

Publishers of books and publications have long valued the benefits of digital fonts. As technology shifts from printed content to digital content publishers have new opportunities to use font software with their products. Although eBooks and other electronic publications are documents, don’t assume that a font’s embedding permissions apply to eBooks and electronic publications. Some font EULAs make the distinction between documents that are sold ("Commercial Products"), and those that are distributed within organizations or to service bureaus for printing or output.

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