I just purchased a Webtype license, but I was not provided with a link to download the fonts.

If you are using our hosted service, there is nothing to download. We host the fonts on our server and you access them via simple line of code which we provide.

I just purchased web fonts, but they’re not showing up on my site.

Try again in a few minutes. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for updates to reach the cloud server.

I renewed my web fonts, but they are not showing up on my site.

If your web fonts expired, you will need to go in and re-save all your projects for them to work properly again.

How can I decrease the time it takes for my web fonts to load?

You can reduce file size significantly and decrease font load time by subsetting the character set. To do this, log into your Webtype account. If you are self-hosting the fonts, click on the ‘Download Font & CSS’ link, uncheck the character ranges you don’t need to remove them from the font and then click the ‘Download Web Fonts’ button. If you are hosted customer, go to your project, click the arrow next to the font name, uncheck the character ranges to remove them from the fonts and finally save the resource.

This only works if you can exactly define which glyphs are needed. But for many websites (e.g. blogs) you don’t know that and glyphs could be end up being shown in another font.

Why does my text appear to flash in Firefox?

This is called “FOUT” or Flash Of Unstyled Content. Firefox automatically displays a fallback system font while the web font downloads, then repaints the screen with the web fonts. This can cause a flash as the screen refreshes. This only occurs in Firefox, and not in the other browsers (which leave the text area blank while the web fonts download). This will not occur on subsequent pages once the fonts are in the cache.

How will I know it’s time to renew?

We'll send you a reminder email 30 days prior to the renewal date.

Can I get an invoice for the fonts I am using on my website?

To download an invoice, log into your Webtype account, click ‘Order History’, select the order you’d like the invoice for and click ‘Download Invoice’ on the details page.

Can I also get a workstation font license for fonts on Webtype?

Yes. There is an option to purchase a workstation license when you purchase web fonts.

Can I embed a web font in an application I’m developing?

In most cases, you will need an additional license for this. Please contact the Webtype team for more details.

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