Welcome to the inaugural edition of Webtype News. We’d like to use this platform to occasionally inform you about new type releases, updates to our site, and exemplary uses of webfonts. The newsletter series will also explore how webfonts can function in the realm of e-mail design. Plus, it’s a perfect chance for us to experiment with the great fonts in our catalog.

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New Type


Dispatch by Cyrus Highsmith (Font Bureau) is a stalwart slab-serif with an industrial atmosphere, great for display typography and headlines. Its monospaced relative Dispatch Mono is optimized for sizes down to 9px, bringing in hints of typewritten correspondence and computer code. Available in 16 styles: 4 weights, 4 widths; Dispatch Mono in 4 styles with italics.


Solitaire by Mark van Bronkhorst (MVB Type) prefers to take a backseat and let the content speak through its legible, unbiased letter forms. A tempered humanist sans-serif with text weights suitable for body copy down to 10px. Available in 12 styles: 6 weights, plus italics.


Scout and Scout RE by Cyrus Highsmith (Font Bureau) is a modernised take on European sans serifs from the early 20th century with an approachable atmosphere and economic proportions. The Reading Edge version makes the series extra versatile, and is a great choice for UI design and labels. Available in 24 styles: 6 weights, 2 widths, plus italics; Scout RE in 4 styles and italics.

Marat and Marat Sans

Marat and Marat Sans by Ludwig Übele (LudwigType) both exude a distinct personality and come in a wide range of weights. The warm legible serif with its swinging italics lend grace to all texts, while the confident sans is more tamed down and adaptable. Marat is available in 11 styles: 6 weights, plus italics; Marat Sans in 18 styles: 9 weights and italics.


Stainless by Cyrus Highsmith (Font Bureau) is a contemporary, all-purpose type series that started out as a sans-serif version of Dispatch but grew into a family of its own character. The discreet geometry gives Stainless a reliable presence without feeling overly static or rigid. Available in 32 styles: 4 weights, 4 width, plus italics.

New Foundries

We now carry high-quality webfonts from ten different type foundries, with even more on the way. Here are the most recent offerings:

Webtype in Use

The Dissolve website

The Dissolve

Pitchfork’s spin-off site for indie movie reviews exploits the charm of Jackson Cavanaugh’s Harriet series for headlines, text and pull-quotes.

Uses Harriet Display and Harriet Text

Örnsbergsauktionen website


Sometimes all you need is one typeface. This site for a Swedish artist operated auction house is a case in point. Read more about the design on our blog.

Uses Nobel

St Lucas Antwerp website

St Lucas Antwerp

The punchy website for the Belgian art school surprises with an unexpected combination of two sans-serif typefaces.

Uses Salvo Sans and Alright Sans

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In Other News